The Different Types of Fishing Lines

One of the most essential requirements for a successful fishing trip is a high quality fishing line.You need a different kind of fishing like fish finder, marine battery,trolling motor,marine battery charger for successful fishing. It is the only thing which is going to connect the rod to the hook, and help you catch fish. If it isn’t durable enough, then it would break away easily or even the fish can bite it. Every tug you make with the fishing line will help you catching the fish. There are different kinds of fishing lines available in market and if you are going to purchase it soon for your next fishing trip, you should have a basic knowledge about those types of fishing line or must read fishing expert flannel fishermen article for detail study of different kind of best fishing line and their usage.

Different Types of Fishing Line

Monofilament Line :- It is one of the most popular line which is built from nylon and is available in varied colors and has different strengths. Most people prefer buying it as it is also the least expensive. It can stretch in order to absorb shocks, can resist abrasion easily and is round in the areas where cross section is. This way it will remain clean and nothing would get trapped in. You would also be able to tie knots easily in . There are many colors but clear and blue are most preferred as fish won’t be able to detect it when it disappears in water all these feature makes its best ice fishing line.
Although, a disadvantage could be that it is not as strong and because it is nylon it could break down after some time, especially, when there is too much exposure to line

Braid Fishing Line :- It is one long fishing line which is quite strong in comparison to monofilament. It is built from material similar to Kevlar and is braided. It is also round around the cross section. Since it is stronger you can pack more of it on the spool which enables it to sink even faster and deeper. Loops and twists won’t cause any problem. Braids cannot break in sunlight and you won’t require replacing it every year. It would not even stretch and thus, you would know when the fish hits it or when it reaches the bottom of water or touches something.
The disadvantage with this type will be that it is very slippery and can be a little difficult to cut. You can carry sharp scissors to avoid that problem. It is also not transparent like mono. You can use less drag when fishing using this line.

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line :- Fluorocarbon is another type which is incorporated as leader material. It will go invisible when in water and also is abrasion resistant as well, which proves to be useful when you use it along braid. Some brands have even started selling fluorocarbon as a main line.

Wire Fishing Line :- When you are planning to catch toothy fish like tuna, this ladder material would help. It comes in both single strand and braided structures. It will help you reach deep depths in water, whenever necessary. You would need hard spools for its proper adjustments.

Whichever you may choose make sure it is for main line or for leader requirement.