Buzz bait or Crank bait – Best Pike Tackle

Pike is notorious for its skill and strength when it comes to hunting down smaller fish and it can be expensive to buy a tackle that does not work so a great proven discount fishing tackle is a must. At the same time, it is also a capable opponent for wranglers of all type, thanks to its ability to evade even the most life-like lures. Yet, the experience has shown that there are a couple of lure designs that perform above-average when it comes to tackling pike. These are, first and foremost, buzz bait and crank bait. Here are the main differences and similarities between these two, along with the key reasons why they are so effective when used for catching pike.

The Basics of the two Lure Types

Both crankbait and buzzbait have a so-called active design, meaning that they are constructed from parts that are meant to move in a particular and cohesive process. This differentiates them from things like soft plastic worms, for example, which move passively in the water. For buzz bait, the design is defined by a propeller blade that is located above the long arm which holds the lure. In the case of the crank bait, the lure is made from an imitation of a baitfish, which holds at its front a lip – this is its element which allows it to dive more or less into the waters through which it is being pulled. In the buzz bait, the propeller blade is the active part, which for the crankbait, it is the lip which is fixed but still predetermines the way it moves through the water and attracts pike.

Using Crankbait

This type of lure is ideal for pursuing pike in different depths of water. Thanks to their design, there are crankbait lures that can dive shallow, mid-way or very deep, depending on their build and the position of their lips. There are even those which can simulate diving into sandy bottoms and then dive out a bit later, just like bait fish does. This means that for clear waters, regardless of their depth, crankbait is the ideal tool against pike. The downside is that a wrangler needs more than one of these lures on their outing. But, their effectiveness even covers inaccessible terrain like fallen and submerged logs, all thanks to the crankbait ability to glide just above them, attracting pike attention.

Buzzbait use for Catching Pike

Buzzbait works in a slightly different manner than crankbait when pursuing pike. It is most effective when the time is hot and sunny, meaning summer months. In those periods, pike will flock to deeper and murkier waters to remain cool. Here, the buzzbait propeller is the ideal choice for gathering attention as it slides like a gleaming dot through the waters. Its moving part does not only generate light, it also produces vibration, all of which are clear to any nearby pike. Also, it is important to notice that buzzbait can be cast even into dense cover with little risk of it getting caught up in the debris. An experienced wrangler will be able to use it to cover a wide area of water with a single buzzbait at their side.

Similar but different, the issue of buzzbait or crankbait – best pike tackle is all about using both of these at the right environment and seeing immediately great success.